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Research – University of Copenhagen

About the research at Hy-Q

The Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q) exploits photons to merge disparate quantum system into large scale quantum networks. The long-term perspective of the research is to enable large scale processing of quantum information over global distances.

Quantum theory was founded more than a century ago and revolutionized our conception of the world through highly counterintuitive phenomena such as quantum superposition and entanglement. Today a second revolution is taking place based on the ability to fully control quantum phenomena in modern experiments. The outstanding challenge is to scale small quantum systems into large and complex architectures. Such quantum networks open a whole new horizon by creating quantum objects that have never existed in nature before. The unsolved fundamental question is: how large and complex can we make a quantum system before the quantum character is lost and it is described by classical physics? Addressing this question could ultimately lead to a quantum internet, connecting the world by quantum entanglement. Such long-term transformative technology may offer solutions to large societal challenges within energy, security, and supercomputing. 

Within the Center of Excellence “Hybrid Quantum Networks” (Hy-Q) we pursue a hybrid approach towards the quantum internet. Realizing that the various technology platforms have pros and cons the emphasis is on merging different quantum systems in a “best-of-all-worlds” approach. Hy-Q exploits and merges three different quantum platforms, photons, emitters and phonons, to enable remote quantum connection, manipulation and storage of quantum information.