Hy-Q Colloquium by Jesper Mørk, Professor, Quantum and Laser Photonics, DTU

Title: Fano Photonics


Fano resonances occur in many different physical systems, be they classical or quantum mechanical, whenever one observes the wave interference between a discrete mode and a continuum of modes. In this talk, I will describe the occurrence, control and application of Fano resonances in photonic crystal structures, where optical fields in line-defect waveguides and point-defect cavities interact. In particular, I shall show that such Fano resonances can be used to realize and improve a number of important photonic devices. A Fano laser has thus been experimentally demonstrated, and show unique properties that strongly distinguish it from conventional semiconductor lasers. Also, Fano mirrors can be used to realize non-reciprocal elements, devices for all-optical signal processing, and pulse carvers. Within quantum technology, the Fano resonance might be exploited to suppress de-coherence, e.g. with application in single-photon sources. At the end of the talk, I will briefly describe the motivation and goals of the new DNRF Center “NanoPhoton”, which is a collaboration between several departments at DTU.